I'm married to a very patient wife, have two children and also a very cute Bassett/Beagle called Candy who loves to accompany me on trips out with my camera. I was first inspired to get into photography when my daughter was born, feeling like I didn't want to miss a moment and this just continued after my son was born. I gained an interest in landscape photography while on many family walks in the woods and at the beach. I took the plunge and bought my first proper camera, a DSLR in 2017. I started to share my work on social media and after getting a lot of positive comments decided to set up Pete's Photography in August 2018. As you will see from the majority of my work, I love a good sunset/sunrise, especially in my home town of Herne Bay. My passion for photography has never dwindled and I love nothing more than to see my work being enjoyed by customers that have it hung on their walls. I strongly believe in making my photos affordable to everyone, that's why I offer products starting from just £1. Hope you enjoy my work, thanks for taking the time to look. 

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