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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are your photos printed without the watermark?

A) Yes, the watermark is only there to protect my work online.

Q) Do you do wedding photography?

A) Yes, please see my Wedding Photography page.

Q) How long does it take for an order to be completed and delivered?

A) A delivery schedule should be provided at checkout but is usually takes 9-11 working days. Deliveries can be quicker depending on the season.​


Q) What if I need a print in short notice?

A) Please either call or message me on 07754 204600 and let me know the name of the photo you'd like to buy and I will place the order manually with a special request. Please note that this can only be done with prints, not any other type of format. 

Q) Can you fulfil special requests?

A) Yes, I am happy to quote for anything I can obtain with no obligation to buy. Please just call or message me on 07754 204600.

Q) Can you send an order abroad?

A) Yes, orders can be sent abroad.

Q) Where are you based?

A) Herne Bay, Kent, UK

Q) Are your photos all the same price?

A) Yes, my prices are the same for all of my images.

Q) Do you have a shop?

A) All of my photography is for sale. If you click on a photo purchase options will appear. I also have some of my work up in many businesses around Herne Bay, please see my 'On Display' page to see where.

Q) Do you do craft fairs?

A) Yes, please look out for announcements on my Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

Q) Do you do portrait photography?

A) Yes, please contact for more details.

Q) Do you sell digital copies of your photos for commercial use?

A) Yes, please contact me with your request.

Q) Can any of your photos be made into black and white?

A) Yes, to see your chosen photo in black and white please just message me to see how it would look with no obligation to buy.

Pete's Photography - FAQ Page

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